Why you need the SheRetires retirement plan?

Because women live longer and need extra money for the extra years

Because it offers you the opportunity to plan financially for a decent retirement

Because it offers you peace of mind during retirement

Because your children cannot guarantee your pension

Because you don’t have to depend on others at old age

Because you are entitled to live a comfortable life at retirement

Because you’ll benefit from professional retirement advise from a team of pension experts

Because the rate of old age poverty is prevalent among women

Uniquely designed for women only

She Retires is uniquely designed to meet the retirement needs of young and working age women especially those who do not have a pension plan or who have stopped contributing to mainstream pensions.

She Retires provides the needed cushion during retirement.

Who is She Retires For?
* Women who do not have a pension plan.
* Women who have stopped contributing to mainstream pensions.
* Women who do not have consistent pension contributions due to intermittent career breaks.
* Women who have existing statutory pension contributions plans but seek to augment.

Your pensions are in safe hands

Pension investments are very safe and heavily regulated. The investment guidelines are provided by the regulator. This means Trustees do not make investments in instruments they chose.

Majority of the pension funds are invested in Government of Ghana Treasury Bills, Government Bonds, Stocks, Corporate bonds, mutual funds etc. This allows for diversification of investments while achieving investment growth and retirement income security ultimately.

The safety of your pension funds are premised on the provisions in section 178 of the pensions law as stated below ACT 766 SECTION 1781.

1. A trustee or pension fund manager shall not invest pension fund assets in the shares or any other securities issued by: The trustee or pension fund manager or custodian, or A shareholder of the trustee or pension fund manager or custodian.

2. A privately-managed pension fund shall not hold more than ten percent of any class of security issued by a single issuer; have more than ten percent of its total assets in the securities issued by a single issuer other than that permitted for government and other public securities; make short sales; or borrow for investment purposes.

Benefits of SheRetires

Peace of mind at retirement

Financial freedom at retirement

End old age poverty

Safe investments of contributions

Decent returns on investments

Be part of a community of resilient women working to change their financial stories for the better.

Take advantage of networking, education and knowledge sharing opportunities provided by SheRetires.

Frequently asked questions

How does She Retires work? How do I become a member?

Every woman who has not retired yet is eligible to be a member, you register by completing an online or hardcopy form and start with a default minimum of 100 cedis consistent contributions a month for 5 years is required.

How much interest should I expect on She Retires?

Pension Contributions do not guarantee interests. However, the average returns will be Government of Ghana Treasury bills.

How often would I get a She Retire Pension Statement?

Statements are provided on a quarterly basis.

Can I have a separate She Retires Account?

It is possible to have two separate She Retires Pension account.

When can I make a withdrawal on my She Retires account?

50% of your contributions will go to your savings account while the other 50% will be in your retirement account. Withdrawal from the savings account is allowed after 5 years of contributing. Contributions in the retirement account shall only be paid upon retirement of the contributor or after 10 years of contributing.

Is there a penalty for missing a contribution?

There is no penalty for default however, consistent payment will ensure higher returns accrued on your pension contribution.

Contact us

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P. O. Box AN 5879, Accra North, Ghana
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How to join SheRetires

Complete a registration form and make a minimum deposit of 100 cedis every month using our account details or momo for convenience.